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About Receptor Logic, Ltd.Receptor Logic, Inc sildenafil citrate online . Is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in high quality antibodies information, please visit the specificity of the T cell receptors in the immune system. These T Cell Receptor mimic offer valuable insight into the immune system interacts with a diseased cell, leading to better immunological research. Better clinical diagnosis and improved therapies such as monoclonal antibodies and vaccines.

Receptor Logic Teams with Sanofi Pasteur to T Cell Receptor Mimics for Vaccine ResearchReceptor Logic, Ltd. A partnership with sanofi pasteur, the vaccines of the sanofi-aventis Group, for T Cell Receptor Mimics develop announced the validation and testing of sanofi pasteur vaccines. Under a joint research and exclusive license agreement Receptor Logic custom TCRM support of sanofi pasteur will create the vaccine programs. Receptor Logic is funded and life sciences ventures, Emergent Technologies, administered. – Tony Taylor, Emergent Technologies Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, said: ‘Receptor Logic has a powerful tool called ‘ T Cell Receptor Mimics developed ‘objective in measuring immune presentation supports Sanofi Pasteur is interested in this new approach the potential value of this potential value of this technology to the development of vaccines and medicines in the future. ‘.

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