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It really is a two part problem, however, because the vast quantity of pharmaceuticals and chemical substances inside our water supply originate from our own homes. We make use of shampoos, deodorants, we consider prescription and OTC medicines and even hormones and while a lot of this is normally filtered out by water treatment facilities, pharmaceuticals like Prozac and Xanax completely aren’t filtered out. Even caffeine is often found and used as helpful information to determine whether additional chemicals might be present. Federal regulations do not address trace levels of pharmaceuticals in drinking water and critics declare that the cost of filtering the drinking water to such a degree will be astronomical.Discussion In this trial regarding individuals with established, nonacute coronary disease and low degrees of baseline HDL cholesterol who achieved and maintained low levels of LDL cholesterol while receiving intensive statin treatment, extended-release niacin plus simvastatin as compared with simvastatin alone was associated with significant increases in HDL cholesterol amounts and decreases in triglyceride levels, but there was no significant reduction in the principal composite end stage of cardiovascular events over a mean follow-up period of 36 months. A very high %age of patients were already taking a statin at trial entry, and many had used one for long intervals; 20 percent had taken niacin previously. At 2 years of follow-up, among sufferers assigned to niacin, LDL cholesterol levels had decreased by an additional 12.0 percent to a median of 62 mg per deciliter and HDL cholesterol levels had increased by 25.0 percent to 42 mg per deciliter, whereas in the placebo group, LDL cholesterol levels had decreased minimally to a median of 68 mg per deciliter and HDL cholesterol levels had increased by 9.8 percent to 38 mg per deciliter.