Acamprosate might help treat patients with autism.

‘Dr. Erickson’s research and function in this area is unique. The Indiana University Analysis and Technology Corporation has applied for a make use of patent because, while we are definately not definitive knowledge and treatment, as early data is acquired, we believe this drug has actual potential as a therapy for both young children and adults with autism,’ said Bradley Fravel, Ph.D., MBA, an IURTC senior technology manager. IURTC works to enhance the extensive research and development capability of Indiana University, creating new Indiana-based companies, and support for entrepreneurial advancement.The messages were chosen from a lender of messages simply by an automated pc messaging system that took each patient’s individual health risks into account, the study authors said. For instance, a smoker may receive communications that encourage quitting, or those fighting their weight might get tips on eating exercising or right. ‘Messages were frequently personalized with [a] name,’ Chow said. ‘For instance, ‘Hi Mike, don’t forget physical activity is wonderful for you! It reduces your risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke and their complications.” After six months, degrees of ‘poor’ cholesterol were reduced participants who received text messages compared with those who didn’t , the researchers discovered. Those on the written text message system also got lower blood circulation pressure levels and lower body mass index .