ACS will develop and maintain the original phases of the Kentucky Health Information Exchange.

For law intelligence and enforcement agencies, the SearchPak technology enables the agencies to talk about digital intelligence for investigations while still maintaining secrecy. It has been a significant breakthrough for key agencies, as the inability to share key intelligence was defined as a major concern resulting in the 9/11 attacks. This patent benefits ADF’s initiatives to bring innovative systems to the digital forensics and cyber-security fields, said Raphael Bousquet, CTO and co-founder of ADF Solutions.Treatment of these pets with an investigational PI3K inhibitor did lead to rapid tumor regression. Since previous research recommended that PI3K inhibition might block K-Ras-induced tumor advancement also, the investigators tested the PI3K inhibitor in mice with K-Ras-stimulated tumors also. That treatment was ineffective, but since K-Ras activates the MEK/ERK signalling pathway also, the experts treated the pets with an investigational MEK inhibitor and with a combined mix of both drugs. Treatment with the MEK inhibitor by itself caused only a modest reduction in tumor size, but combined treatment with both agents caused the K-Ras-stimulated lung tumors to virtually vanish.