Advances in health IT News outlets report on advances in health it.

Advances in health IT News outlets report on advances in health it. Margaret Morris, a medical psychologist working at Intel Corp., can be designing a cellular phone app to greatly help manage tension in everyday life, to be able to improve mental health insurance and reduce the threat of cardiovascular disease More information here . The app, called Cell Therapy, asks the user several times through the full time to report on their mood, energy, sleep patterns, diet, etc., and offers exercises predicated on the results. Her research was recently released in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Hip alternative used to certainly be a last resort, but advancements in the surgical technique and the prosthesis itself makes the task a more viable choice for the young, allowing them to go back to the active lives to which they had been accustomed. Dr. Ayres and the surgical team at Coastal Orthopedics are viewing a lot more young people come in with their practice with debilitating problems like rheumatoid arthritis and serious osteoporosis. Years ago physicians were reluctant to perform hip replacements on these sufferers because of the complexity of the surgery and the actual fact that eventual deterioration of the prosthesis would inevitably demand subsequent replacements..