ASEAN stockpiles bird flu drug in Malaysia The Association of South East Asian Countries.

ASEAN stockpiles bird flu drug in Malaysia The Association of South East Asian Countries , which is presently meeting in Kuala Lumpur, has agreed this week to create a stockpile of antiviral medications to combat the deadly spread of bird flu throughout the region Read more . ASEAN in addition has promised to work more carefully on tackling cross-border threats such as for example bird flu by creating a regional approach and by sharing assets. Malaysian Primary Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi provides said the spot must be in circumstances of preparedness, and added that the stockpile will be available to any ASEAN country that might require it. Related StoriesHigh dosage flu vaccines reduce hospitalization risk during influenza seasonTaking guidelines to prevent significantly, drive back fluFlu vaccine significantly reduces stroke riskAlthough bird flu virus continues to be relatively hard for folks to catch and can be pass on almost exclusively through human being contact with birds, health officials fear it could mutate right into a virus that could pass from person to person and established off a global pandemic.

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