Cutting rates for victims by almost half.

Improvements to headache prices continued for months following the acupuncture treatment, though they began to rise somewhat as time continued. Those in the ‘no treatment’ group were subsequently provided acupuncture for eight weeks following the main research period. These patients also improved significantly after the treatment, though not to the same level as those provided acupuncture originally. Of the 195 individuals in the acupuncture groupings, 37 reported some relative unwanted effects – the most common being dizziness, other headaches and bruising. Such a little difference in outcomes between traditional and minimal acupuncture remedies appears to indicate that the location of acupuncture points and other areas of traditional Chinese acupuncture usually do not make a significant difference for tension headaches, say the authors.The TREK family of balloon catheters includes several design and technology changes that have the potential to boost deliverability and performance. TREK RX comes in Japan, and both TREK RX and TREK OTW are available in the United States. The TREK system comes in two catheter styles, like the specialty catheter MINI-TREK for accessing smaller vessels. TREK comes in a lot more than 70 sizes and in a wide variety of diameters and lengths . The TREK program is another example of Abbott delivering innovative technologies from its broad vascular pipeline, said Robert Hance, senior vice president, vascular, Abbott.