From a poultry farm standpoint

from a poultry farm standpoint, our biggest concern is that migratory birds from the north breeding areas breeding areas mix and spread of bird flu when they for the winter for the winter, said Scott Beyer, a K-State poultry expert and associate professor of animal sciences and industry. However, this has not yet in North America, the a little bit a little bit of a surprise .

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In Asia, control malaria in recent years in recent years, data on cases of malaria was collected by country so to calculate the estimations, and also privacy from 15 African countries that have set in place excellent malarial surveillance programs.

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And U.S. Havent Kuffuor Thanks to Bush the efforts made at address HIV, malaria, other issues during White House Visit – Ghanaian President John Kufuor vowed on Tuesday while visiting at the White House President Bush for their efforts to combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and the other illnesses fight AFP / AFP / report (AFP / Google.