In contrast to the isolation of natural products from plants.

In contrast to the isolation of natural products from plants, fungi or bacteria, its chemical synthesis offers several advantages. On the one hand, the synthesis is sometimes the only way to have access to adequate amounts of material for further biological studies needed win. On the other hand, synthesize biologically active compounds of basic chemistry enables directly focused on the desired effect on human cells. While the possibilities structure of the isolated structure of the isolated natural product are often limited. Whether and how englerin A in the treatment of in the treatment of kidney cancer are questions like Prof.

Catnip for renal cancer: Chemists at the TU Dortmund synthesize promising anti-tumor compoundenglerin A, a natural product recently discovered in an African plant, has a high toxicity for renal cancer cells, but low toxicity to other cells. Therefore this compound is potentially suitable for further evaluation to an application in the treatment of cancer. We have found that an ingredient of catnip has a structure similar to that of the englerin A, explains Mathias Christmann, Professor of Organic Chemistry at TU Dortmund.In the past energy technique as effectively as tonsillectomy surgicalRadiofrequncy tonsillotomy that allows surgeons to the magnitude of the the tonsils fabrics reduce fully instead of removing almonds seems an effective and safe method to treat children with signs of enlarged tonsils to be.

The post-operative follow-up done two through 26 months after surgery showed no history of recurrent tonsillitis. Whole or in marked improvement in preoperative symptoms of the tonsillar hypertrophy of obtained in more than $ 91 % of the children.