Jean Wactawski Wende.

‘The data show that, with further follow-up, there is an increased incidence of breast cancer in women taking estrogen plus progestin.. Jean Wactawski – Wende, professor of social and preventive medicine at the University at Buffalo and one of the main authors on the paper, published in that that the breast cancer found in these women tend to have more tend to have more , suggesting a, suggesting a poorer prognosis. – ‘This report, which expands on earlier results of of the WHI study, followed these women an average of 11 years,’says Wactawski – turn.

The results showed that the combined hormone therapy increases the incidence of invasive breast cancer and that, more often, the cancer to lymph nodes to the lymph nodes There were also several deaths related to breast cancer in those taking hormone therapy.6 vs. 1, per 10,000 women per 10,000 women were also more deaths from all causes in the women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer who were on hormone therapy – 5.3 versus 3.4 per tenth..‘We also need the access access contraceptives being not only a topic for youth There are more women in their twenties, thirties and forties to contraception as under-18s, and your needs are equally important. ‘.. ‘We expect to fit health workers and LARCs is an extremely important part this initiative for his training is vital under 18s the system successfully , and will ensure that female a wide variety a wide range of contraceptive methods for clinics.