Many tumours have regions of hypoxia.

Professor Ian Stratford, who led the extensive analysis, said: ‘It looks like using AZD3965 to block MCT1 is a superb way to specifically target tumours, by harnessing changes in their metabolism. This drug has been tested in medical trials as an individual agent presently, and we've shown that merging this drug with radiotherapy can offer a new treatment approach for cancer individuals. ‘We have subsequently received additional funding from CR-UK to exemplify these results in little cell lung malignancy, oesophageal cancers and prostate cancer.In their research, light drinking demonstrated the strongest benefits in males with high levels of a protein called interleukin-6, which is certainly associated with an elevated heart disease risk but there is no clear benefit among women in this respect. Maraldi warns medical effects of alcohol may not be the same for everyone and the dangers and benefits of moderate drinking vary among individuals, therefore no blanket suggestions can be made.