Or PBDEs appear to be linked to reduced fertility in women priligy 60mg.

Probability of Chemicals to reduced fertilitycommon flame-retardant chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers , or PBDEs appear to be linked to reduced fertility in women, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, the Los Angeles Times reported. The chemicals that were used for more than four decades, are found in foam furniture, electronics, fabrics, carpets and plastics. Although the use of PBDE in the U priligy 60mg .S. In the U.S. , which are chemicals found in household products are manufactured before 2004, according to the New York Times.

For the study, researchers analyzed at the University of California – Berkley blood samples of 223 pregnant women for the presence of PBDEs. The women – especially Mexican immigrants who lived in a rural community – were about the length of time that she had tried to get pregnant surveyed. The study found that for every ten-fold increase in the concentration in the blood PDBEs, there was a 30 percent decrease in the likelihood think that is each month.

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