OraSure Technologies Inc.

OraSure Technologies Inc. , a developer of oral fluid diagnostic products and specimen collection devices, the FDA approval for its OraQuick In-Home HIV Test for sale directly to consumers in over-the – counter has received market.

HIV – receive OraSure Technologies FDA approval for in-home HIV test[ Tender Info ]Douglas Michels, president and CEO of OraSure Technologies, said: ‘Approval of OraQuick in-home HIV test represents a major breakthrough in HIV testing. For the first time ever, people have access to an in-home oral exam to enable them learn their HIV status in the comfort of home and get referral to care, if necessary is. This new -home-home quick tests, the same tests have been used for years doctors individuals are at risk for HIV, which can otherwise not in a professional or clinical setting to help testing.Of La Chirurgia degli organizations Tues Movimento at Springer published Added and in print. The journal includes Online First in, Cross Reference Linking and SDIs. All the authors, via the knight Open Choice program have the Your their articles using the open access publishing model.

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