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Czarnecki's research review articles what's known about Medicare and Medicaid fraud and how it's controlled, especially how control strategies have evolved in the past decade. Medicare loses vast amounts of dollars to fraudulent statements every full year, according to U.S. Department of Health insurance and Human Solutions and the Department of Justice. A few examples of Medicare fraud supplied by these departments include: a health care provider bills Medicare for services you never received; a supplier expenses Medicare for apparatus you never got; and a ongoing organization uses false information to mislead you into joining a Medicare plan. Eventually, the fraud raises health care charges for everyone. Recent advances in data analysis technology have given federal controllers, like the ongoing healthcare Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team, effective and brand-new weapons in the fight against fraud, Czarnecki says.Dr. David Beuther, an associate professor of medicine at National Jewish Health, a Denver medical center that specializes in respiratory diseases, said, Carbon monoxide poisoning deaths are not common, but not rare, either. What’s more, those poisonings are preventable, stressed Beuther, who reviewed the report. What should mud boggers eliminate from this? They need to wake up to the danger and take basic measures to teach themselves and prevent tragedy, he said. When possible I’d recommend CO detectors in the cabins of each vehicle, Beuther said.