Such as symptoms like the frequent urge to urinate.

The study, which consists of the broadest a long time of participants to day, of which 80 % of the 4,000 women studied had provided birth. Of those 4,000 women, twenty five % suffered from anal incontinence, 15 % from tension bladder control problems, 13 % from overactive bladder and six % experienced pelvic organ prolapse, the dropping of pelvic organs. Lawrence, ScD, MPH, MSSA, a study scientist at Kaiser Permanente’s Department of Research and Evaluation in Southern California, where the study was conducted.Her family members said she had eaten fresh spinach before getting sick. Officially, the outbreak has killed just one single person and sickened at least 157 others in 23 states since last month. No full cases in Maryland have been reported to the CDC. The states where cases have already been reported Arizona , California , Colorado , Connecticut , Idaho , Illinois , Indiana , Kentucky , Maine , Michigan , Minnesota , Nebraska , New Mexico , Nevada , NY , Ohio , Oregon , Pennsylvania , Utah , Virginia , Washington , Wisconsin , and Wyoming . Meanwhile California produce growers and processors hope to salvage what’s remaining of the spinach period and stop huge amount of money in losses by drafting brand-new food-safety measures.