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This also leads to using excess fat as a fuel for energy instead of carbs and that leads to burning fat within your body and ultimately losing body weight. Similarly, by heading low on the carbs there are various other benefits like control of diabetics and allergy symptoms also, rest from digestive problems, no blood sugar etc. Similarly, the no sugar diet plan can be very effective in reducing your fat storage as sugar dishes are usually blamed for obesity. However, it is not east to choose a no sugar diet plan as some healthy meals like fruits may contain organic sugar and hence checking out with experts is essential while heading on a special diet plan to lessen your obesity.Case scenario Karen is 18 years old and presents because she is concerned about the small size of her breasts. She says that her breasts started to develop in her initial year at high school but after that seemed to stop growing, although she began menstruating at the age of 13 years and has already established regular periods since. On examination, it is noted that she actually is very tall , includes a body mass index of 23 kg/m2 and regular pubic and axillary locks and a normal female perineum. Her breasts display minimal development, with budding equivalent to Tanner Stage 2 of puberty. Karen does not have any other health concerns and is dynamic and fit.

Alcohol consumption guidelines during pregnancy needed: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Before 2001 Australian health guidelines recommended that women that are pregnant ought never to consume alcohol.