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Two of four recipients were from Texas. One was from Oklahoma. The 4th recipient passed away of non-rabies complications during transplant techniques in Alabama. TDH is definitely coordinating the Texas portion of an ongoing trackdown investigation to identify healthcare workers who provided look after the donor or recipients, and any close contacts of the donor or recipients who have to receive post-exposure rabies prevention treatment.Actemra also improved the patients’ physical function after twelve months of therapy, resulting in a better quality of life. Outcomes from the LITHE[1] trial showed a greater proportion of individuals treated with Actemra in conjunction with a commonly used RA drug called methotrexate benefited from a significant inhibition of structural harm during 12 months of therapy, in comparison to individuals treated with MTX alone. This is critical to individuals because damage in the joints caused by the disease leads to the disability and discomfort associated with RA. Additionally, Actemra improved the patients capability to perform normal day to day activities, as assessed by Health Assessment Questionnaire scores[2]. In the LITHE study, Actemra was generally well tolerated and the entire safety profile after 12 a few months of treatment was consistent with previously reported 6 month trial data.