The way we manage the burn wound now is very barbaric.

The way we manage the burn wound now is very barbaric, we rob Peter to pay Paul, said Guy. We take the skin of a reasonably healthy place and puts it on the burn. What we would all like to see is a holy grail that we can produce in a laboratory, or take a small biopsy and grow genetically compatible genetically compatible with the patient, and has durability and is easy to apply .

The Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine consists of two academic groups or consortia that use collaboration with the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research, the science of regenerative medicine develop new treatments develop new treatments for wounded soldiers.130 hospitals throughout the United Kingdom took part NSW08 with psychological trusts and care homes Other information for policy, practice and prevalence of analyze and be published later The BAPEN. NSW08 review are expected to be published in February 2009. BAPEN BAPEN being Charity No.