There are a great number of drug-drug interactions.

He also observed that pharmacists may possess a steeper learning curve if they haven’t adopted the Beers Criteria into their practices previously. The following object drugs and drug classes were included in the new drug-drug interaction component of the 2015 Beers Requirements: READ ON >> 1. Peripheral Alpha-1 Blockers Interacting Drug/Course: Loop diuretics Rationale: Conversation has been shown to increase the chance of bladder control problems in older women. Recommendation: Avoid in older women, unless circumstances warrant their concurrent use. READ ON >> 2. Angiotensin-Switching Enzyme Inhibitors Interacting Drug/Class: Amiloride or triamterene Rationale: Interaction can raise the risk of hyperkalemia.For the 12 weeks ending December 31, 2014, Uceris® experienced total U.S. Product sales of around $123 million, according to IMS Wellness data. About Actavis Actavis plc , headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is a distinctive specialty pharmaceutical company centered on developing, manufacturing and commercializing high quality inexpensive generic and innovative branded pharmaceutical products for individuals around the global world. Actavis markets a wide portfolio of top quality and generic pharmaceuticals and evolves innovative medicines for patients experiencing diseases principally in the central anxious system, gastroenterology, women's health, urology, cardiovascular, respiratory and anti-infective therapeutic categories.