They developed a pen equipped with sensor technology ventolin inhaler australia.

The winning project of the last Fresenius Inventors’ Fair came out of a team of scientists from Regensburg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Passau ventolin inhaler australia . They developed a pen equipped with sensor technology, The neuromuscular activity of the hand. The sensor pin provides data in the diagnosis in the diagnosis of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, and stroke. The second place went to two new orthopedic surgical for already on the market that allow for careful removal of worn implants, while causing minimal damage to the bone excellent. Other winners in recent years have drawn a needle slightly blood of preterm infants, wash any equipment for virtually painless colonoscopy, a new process for the production of nitric oxide and a mobile device with bedridden patients included. The Fresenius Inventors’ Fair exhibitors the opportunity to industry representatives and industry representatives and physicians, jury member and physician Martin Hepper said. Fresenius hopes link inventors with help help or commercialize or commercialize their innovations. Groundbreaking ideas should help treat the sick as land in an archive somewhere. St fairs have useful platforms for inventor network with companies in the past year, more than 137,000 foreign and local visitors MEDICA part.

Wheelchair users. ‘Fair ideas of researchers and inventors at Medica PresentThe Tenth Fresenius Inventors’ Fair Place 20 selected researchers, developers and inventors the opportunity to present their ideas a wide audience while the world’s largest medical trade fair MEDICA in Germany? sseldorf from 19 to 21 November 2008th The three best entries Fresenius Fresenius and receive prizes with a total value of 10,000 euros. The winners will be picked on the first day of MEDICA by a panel of specialists and industry representatives. More than 50 doctors, scientists, engineers, technicians and skilled workers among the participants in this year. Their proposals include a broad range of methods to cancer at a novel, synthetic heart valve to a vibrating exercise machine for wheelchair users. The Fresenius Inventors’ Fair held every two years at MEDICA.

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