Trials Results for Sativex tadalafil soft tabs.

Trials Results for Sativex, UKGW Pharmaceuticals, which Sativex does – an oral spray with a cannabis extract – has disappointing results of a study being published in the drug benefits in the treatment of pain in people with multiple sclerosis tadalafil soft tabs .

About AGSFounded in 1942, the American Geriatrics Society ,, not-for-profit association of geriatrics health care to improve the health, independence and quality of life of all older people. The Society supports this mission through activities in clinical practice, professional and public education, research and policy. With an active membership of over 6 700 health professionals has become a decisive force in shaping attitudes, policies and practices in geriatric medicine. Society.

The complete report for to Oliver Wyman study, including the a separate appendix out of table the replies broke by employers size, region and sector, will be issued in late March 2009. New York and Chicago costs $ 600 to which account and chart will cost $ 1 For more information, please visit or phone Tara Lewis as 212/345-2451.

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